Luis del Vecchio began to get interested about electronic music from its beginings, y passing throug various styles. It was precisely his admiration for the Southamerican DJ Hernan Cattaneo that pushed him to dedicate full time to the music, and was Hernan who incited Luis to iniciate as a DJ.
He began to play professionally in the argentinian summer of 2001, and on april he moved to London to prefectionize his techniche, and to get supplied with new material. After that he travelled to Ibiza, and made his first dj residence, in The Gallery (Es Paradis Terrenal Club, Sant Antoni).
After his return to Argentina, Luis made the summer season of 2002 playing at nights at the famous KU, in Pinamar. Meanwhile playing in the sunsets at the beach. Just before playing, he produced and leaded a radio show called KU Satelital.
Living the eternal summer, he moved again to Ibiza, playing now on the main room at Es Paradis. Parties like The Water Party and Euphoric were its background. Thanks to that he counts also with the support of Sander Kleinenberg.
After that he continued to play in several clubs and bars in Buenos Aires, such as KU Bs.As., Barfly, Tago Mago with Martin Gardía, and in Quilmes with Zuker, among others.
Again in the summer, he played Luis made its second season in the argentinian Coast, playing in the sunsets on the beach, and on the Distrito Camel club by nights.
At his 3rd. season at Ibiza, he played on the massive opening of Privilege (The biggest club in the world), and also at Es Paradis.
On november 15, 2003 he participated on the Creamfields - Buenos Aires - Festival, openning the Brahma stage.
Al together with his DJ career, Luis began to produce his own electronic music. He played live as guest artist of the band "El huesped". He has 2 productions on the street. One as L&L, X'trange (2002). And the most important till now as Szteixo, Szteixo (2005).
This year Luis is hanging around with the people of Armada Party (Amnesia, Ibiza), and he is playing all tuesdays at the impresive sunsets on Sunset Bar, Sant Antony, doing the pre-party for Armin Van Buuren.
Luis dV's career, after only 4 years it's only at the beggining. It progressive sounds are being followed by a lot of people, all over the world.

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